How Many Sq Ft Does a Pallet of Sod Cover

How much grass is on a pallet? 1 piece of sod is 16″ x 24″, which equals 2.75 square feet. A 500 square feet pallet contains approximately 180 pieces of green sod.

The price of zoysia sod is $180 to $270 per pallet or $0.40 to $0.60 per square foot. This soft grass with fine blades is common on golf courses. Zoysia Sod Prices.

Unit of Measure Price Range Average Cost
Square Foot $0.40 – $0.85 $0.50
Pallet $180 – $385 $225

How much does a roll of bermuda sod cover? 33.

How many feet does a roll of sod cover? Each roll of sod will cover 1.5 sq. Yds or 13.5 sq. Ft.

How big is a roll of bermuda sod? We also have what we call big roll sod that is available for bermuda grasses. The rolls are either 24″ or 48″ wide and they vary in length but are generally in the 112′ length. The length is determined by how many yards need to be in each roll and the weight of the sod at the time.

How many sod rolls do i need? In order to calculate the amount of sod required you must measure the length and width of the areas in feet. Length x width= square feet divided by 9 will give you the number of square yards needed. Our sod rolls measure 24″ x 81″ or 2 ft x 6.75 ft. Each roll of sod will cover 1.5 sq.

How much does 450 sq ft sod cover? So pallets will yield 450 to 675 square feet of sod or cover approximately 0.01 to 0.015 acres.

How many yards are on a pallet of sod? Pallets of sod typically contain 50 square yards of sod, but it is not unusual for them to contain up to 75 square yards of sod. Check with suppliers to determine the square yardage of their pallets. Converting 50 to 75 square yards to square feet requires you to multiply the numbers by nine.

How many square foot is on a pallet of sod? Keep in-mind: a pallet of turf grass covers approximately 450 square feet of lawn. Contact us for the most accurate measure.

How many square feet does a pallet cover? 13.

What is the size of a pallet of sod? Size of sod pallets: most pallets are available in measurements of 400 to 500 square feet, although some distributors do offer pallets up to 700 square feet. The most common sizes are 400, 450 and 500 square feet.

How much is bermuda sod? Bermuda sod costs from $0.30 to $0.85 per square foot or between $150 and $380 per pallet.

How much is 2 pallets of bermuda sod? Bermuda. The price of bermuda sod is $160 to $385 per pallet or $0.35 to $0.85 per square foot.

How much does a pallet of sod run? On average, homeowners can expect to pay around 30 cents to 40 cents per square foot of grass sod and roughly $300 per sod pallet (which covers around 450 square feet). That translates to roughly $2,600 to $7,000 for a one-fifth-acre lawn.