How Much Does Sunday Lawn Care Cost

? a sunday lawn care subscription costs between $228 annually for basic care and $330 for the more comprehensive care & renew subscription. Note that sunday packages are not recommended for lawns larger than 13,500 square feet.

Is Sunday Dog Safe?

Is sunday dog safe? Sunday is a pet-safe subscription lawn care plan customized for your lawn. The goal of the subscription is to tweak your soil so it can grow the healthiest grass possible. Sunday uses a combination of satellite imagery, climate information, and soil conditions to customize your plan.

Is scotts turf builder lawn food safe for pets? Pets can safely enjoy lawns treated with scotts. The scotts miracle-gro company creates many popular fertilizer products, such as the turf builder line of lawn fertilizers.

Is slow release fertilizer safe for dogs? Slow-release meal fertilizer all-natural options like bone meal, cornmeal, cottonseed meal and blood meal are also great options for your lawn and not harmful to your canine or feline.

How Do You Apply Sunday Mighty Green?

Just attach to any hose and spray!

  1. 42.3 oz liquid lawn fertilizer pouch.
  2. No toxic pesticides.
  3. Covers up to 5,000 sq ft.
  4. Universal sprayer, simply attach and spray.
  5. Boost active plant growth and fortify soil.
  6. Apply entire pouch in 10-15 minutes.
  7. Powerful ingredients like nitrogen, iron, and potassium.

How often do you apply sunday lawn? How often can you apply sunday to your lawn? you can apply sunday nutrient pouches two to four times per year, depending on your location, type of grass, and the guidance provided in your smart lawn plan. Your sunday lawn care products should only be used during your region’s growing season.

What is in Sunday Mighty Green?

Mighty green – a high nitrogen, low phosphorus mix made of urea, urea-ammonia nitrate, urea-triazone, and muriate of potash that helps lawns green-up after winter.

How Do You Use a Sunday Sprayer?

Attach the sprayer to your hose and turn your hose on. Turn on the sprayer and move quickly to apply nutrients on your grass evenly. Spray long enough to fully drench grass blades for good coverage. Total application for one pouch takes 10–15 minutes.