How to Make a Compost Bin from a Plastic Dustbin


  1. Select a Trash Can. Choose a 32-gallon or larger plastic or metal trash can with a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Drill the Holes.
  3. Attach the Screening.
  4. Position Your Trash Can Composter.
  5. Add Compostable Material.
  6. Monitor and Turn the Pile.
  7. Use the Compost.

Do You Need a Special Bin to Compost?

Many people think that composting is complicated, but you don’t need containers of fancy equipment to turn you kitchen waste into rich organic compost to enhance your garden. Composting without the confines of a container takes place in two basic ways: aboveground in a freestanding pile or below ground in a hole.

Can i use a plastic container as a compost bin? Plastic storage bins are widely available, and you might already have a couple in your home that you’re willing to repurpose into a compost bin. The bins should be no smaller than 18 gallons, and one must have a lid. The second bin is helpful to catch the liquid that leaches out of the first bin.

What Do You Put in the Bottom Layer of a Compost Bin?

Almost everyone advises putting down a layer of coarse material — corn cobs and husks, sticks, thick fibrous stalks from vegetables or tall flowers. This layer improves aeration at the bottom of the compost pile.

Should i line the bottom of my compost bin? If you’re building your compost bin from scratch, you don’t usually need to add a bottom to it. Having composting materials sit directly on soil allows microorganisms, worms and insects — creatures that facilitate the composting process — to move from soil into compost. As materials break down, they release moisture.

How do you use a layered compost bin? Ideally, a compost pile should be made up in layers (fig. 2.) the first layer should be coarse plant material, such as branches and twigs, to allow oxygen to circulate up through the pile. The second layer should be 6 to 10 inches of finer plant material such as leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps.

Can I Use a Normal Bin as a Compost Bin?

With a few very simple modifications, you can turn a normal garbage can into a composting bin. The garbage can will make it easy to keep your compost moist and well-mixed. It will also keep odors to a minimum. The only downside is the size limit.

Can i use a garbage bin for composting? Yes, a garbage bin can be used for making compost, provided that you make a few modifications to help the composting process become more efficient. This generally includes making holes for aeration and drainage. This uncomplicated adaptation makes trash cans simple and easy to set up as composters.

What can i use if i don’t have a compost bin? Any old plastic trash can will work for this one and there is virtually no work required to make it. If you have an old plastic can that has holes in it, just plug up those holes and use it for a compost heap.

Can i use a wheelie bin as a compost bin? Many homes and homeowners have old or unused wheelie bins lying around collecting dust and the occasional stray paper airplane, but disused wheelie bins make for some terrific composters with little more than an opened lid, and an improvised tap at the very bottom of the bin so that liquid plant food can be taken out …

Can you make a compost bin out of a plastic bin? There are only a few things you’ll need to start making your own compost at home: two large plastic storage containers, with tight-fitting lids (both the same size) a drill and a ⅛ inch size bit. Dry decomposable materials, like leaves, thin twigs, etc.

What Type of Bin Should I Use for Compost?

Wooden compost bins can process the most waste, but if you don’t want to wait half a year for your first batch, insulated compost bins speed up the process, but offer less compost. Garden design is a crucial consideration, too.

What kind of bin do you use for compost? Stationary bins are the composters most people are familiar with. You add food scraps and other compostable materials to the top, usually through an opening with a lid that locks into place to prevent rats and other pests from getting inside. After many months the waste turns into soil.

Can I Compost in a Metal Bin?

An old metal or plastic trash can is the perfect small space to make compost. You can buy all sorts of compost bins, but a slightly modified metal trash can is one of the best homemade compositors.

Is metal or plastic better for compost bin? Compost pails are usually made from ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel. Some have washable plastic liners. Stainless steel is ideal because it cannot absorb bad odors. Metal is easy to wash between compost dumps.

Can you compost in a metal bucket? An old metal or plastic trash can is the perfect small space to make compost.

Can metal objects compost? Metal is a similar contaminant to plastic. It won’t shred as much as plastic, and it won’t break into pieces as easily as glass. It’s easier to filter out from the compost pile if it’s a thick metal, like silverware or tin cans, but it’s nonetheless a contaminant.

Can you compost in a metal barrel? For example, a 55-gallon metal drum is the ideal size for holding a generous amount of composting materials for compost making. With basic tools and materials, you can soon have a useful compost bin made from a metal drum. Place the metal drum upside down in a place where you can work on it easily.

Can You Turn a Plastic Bin into a Composter?

Position the bin consider putting it outside the door nearest to the kitchen, so you can easily compost kitchen scraps. Or place it near your vegetable garden, if you have one, so you can toss weeds or trimmings into it. It can also go inside a garage or storage shed if you’d rather not look at the composter.